May 24, 2009

The silence

This sculpture by Antoine Augustin Preault is a recurrent image in my head these days. I keep asking myself what is the meaning of the finger that rests on her lips. It's a call to silence, but why is it necessary when the wrappings almost absorb her figure. She's going to be consumed by that silence anyway...But then I could see why...maybe it's not about her, but us the ones that are watching. It may try to say: take a moment of silence and let yourself wrapped up in your may be a constructive silence. Possibly the one that lead to these fine works of art by Japanese artist Aya Kato:

1 comment:

  1. ce impresie puternica lasa sculptura lui Preault, starneste emotii si te pune pe ganduri. mi se pare o intruchipare a durerii...