Aug 23, 2009

Rumplo....amazing tees by exciting new artists

An artist that I know - Cristina Papacu - has recently joined the Rumplo community of amazing Tee design. On her blog: you can find her beautiful ideas and learn much more about her. Here's one of her designs custom made for me for the Metallica gig from 2008(we just inverted from white to black and from red to white):

On Rumplo I've found some great artwork displayed on Tees from these promising artists:

Joe Carr:

Legend of Icarus

Jesse Lefkowitz:

The bull, the balloon,the bee

Tang Yau Hoong:


Matt Leyen:

Composition: piano, typing machine, scores

Aug 21, 2009

Next on dance row: Parov Stelar on September 25th

The next concert on the line: Parov Stelar Band in Silver Church on 25th of September. I'll hear the frenetic "Chambermaid Swing" and "Kiss kiss" and "A night in Torino". I'll dance till i drop dead from the sound!!!!!!!!

Hungary on page

Hello user from Hungary...from Tplnszentkereszt, Vas...who are you? I've seen you checked my blog almost every day(thanks to the sitemeter counting visits system). Can you tell me a little about yourself?

Aug 17, 2009

Editors made my summer

I wanted to do something amazing this summer, but for various reasons i couldn't attend Sziget or Peninsula(Prodigy, Parov Stelar and Nine Inch Nails played there) or Sinarville(featuring Kumm and Urma - two extraordinary Romanian bands), but i did go to Editors last night. And, boy, I was so happy to have attended! Whenever the guitars took their rightful place on each gorgeous Editor member everybody just snaped and danced like crazy. You could feel the energy of the crowd when the sound flowed naturally from the stage to each ecstatic fan. Tom Smith just ran all night from one corner to the other and that guitar didn't feel like a prop at all. It was glued to him and it produced the most amazing sounds ever. He really feels the music he’s playing, his expressions show it beautifully. I liked also the electronical approach, but since we haven't heard the new songs we took our time to listen and tried to burst with joy and energy on the well known songs: "An end has a start", "Bullets”, “Munich”, “The Racing Rats”, “Camera” and “Lights”. To sum it all up, it was thrilling and I do hope they come again soon as they promised, after all each end has a start and maybe not so far in time.
It’s IAMX’s turn on 1st of October. Can’t wait!