May 24, 2009

The silence

This sculpture by Antoine Augustin Preault is a recurrent image in my head these days. I keep asking myself what is the meaning of the finger that rests on her lips. It's a call to silence, but why is it necessary when the wrappings almost absorb her figure. She's going to be consumed by that silence anyway...But then I could see why...maybe it's not about her, but us the ones that are watching. It may try to say: take a moment of silence and let yourself wrapped up in your may be a constructive silence. Possibly the one that lead to these fine works of art by Japanese artist Aya Kato:

May 17, 2009

Night of the museums

Last night I watched Lorna's Silence at my favorite cinema. Really sad story depicted with documentary precision. Here's a trailer.
Then enjoyed watching shorts while standing in line to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art. You could see some of them here.
A truly interesting night filled with paintings, music, poetry, nice cool air just flowing the streets, many people driven to see as much as they can, one crowded bus for the museums tour, art discussion, art fun, jokes, laughter.

May 7, 2009

To English and to Placebo on 21st of June 09

I've decided to begin writing my blog in English. It will allow more people to understand me, get inspired or just share with me their thoughts.
June approaches and with it comes also a much waited Placebo gig. They have only been once in Romania and I didn't get to hear them play, so I'm pretty excited about it. These are two of my favorites songs which I'm dying to sing along on 21st of June. Enjoy life every minute:

"You're my new Achilles heel"