Sep 19, 2009

Sculpture, grapes and El profe

I'm feeling energetic today like I could do a thousand things I left unfinished along the way. It's such a strange feeling I have whenever autumn jumps forth. It's a gloomy season - it rains almost all the time or we have downpour showers, everything is dying: the leaves of the trees, the sky who takes up that sorrowful gray. Yet, the energy that comes with every change somehow puts me on my feet and ideas start dancing in my brain.
So, in order to use this electrical boost, I thought a sculpture course it's the appropriate choice. Boy, was I right! It's a magical feeling to be able to create a human figure with your own hands. You have such liberty of expression: you can change its features with one finger shift. I've spent hours just playing like that: from a totem figure I ended up, with some help, to have a human figure with a lively expression. If his lips were opened wider, I think he might have start breathing:) Anyways, tomorrow I will have a second session that implies also drawing. I hope it turns out ok, I already know that it'll be fun.
Fall is also grapes season which I used to eat a lot back home while watching my favorite Argentinian soap: El profe. The plot was no mystery, but I liked the atmosphere, the chats around a cup of mate, the obsessive rhythms of tango. I relive the memory while enjoying my hometown grapes in dark burgundy and yellowish saffron and listening to Astor Piazzolla.

Sep 2, 2009

Against terror in the world

Terror with red curtains at the window,
Their shape drowning
In your throat
And whispering despair
With each heart beat.