Sep 9, 2010

Sales 30% off for handmade jewelery : handpainted ceramic beads and synthethic beads

Each of the necklaces below is now available for purchase at a price 30% off:
From 65 Ron TO 45.5 RON

From 45 Ron TO 31.5 RON
From 50 Ron TO 35 RON
From 50 Ron TO 35 RON
From 30 Ron TO 21 RON
From 25 Ron to 17.5 RON
From 15 Ron TO 10.5 RON

All jewelery will be delivered in person in Bucharest. Please leave a comment with the date and time you are available to meet me to purchase them.

This will make a great addition to the autumn line your closet is ready to receive.

Aug 25, 2010

Cotton Candy Bead Necklace with Nutcracker

Here comes a new creation of deliciously looking ceramic beads which will carry you in a fairy land filled with colored candies, oranges, caramels, cotton candy. Just imagine a carousel and you will be young again running free enveloped in that sweet, sweet breeze from your childhood.

Price: 50 RON

For other countries than Romania, please contact me by email or leave a comment.

Aug 21, 2010

new beads

They are now enjoying a bit of sunlight for the colorful paint to dry smoothly. Soon I will be making new bead necklaces.

Until then, remember you can buy original and unique bead necklaces from this link: If you are not from Romania, please drop me an email and I will provide more details about shipping.

Jan 30, 2010

Prada Inspirational

You can’t help but admire the fine couture of this red Prada dress. It certainely spices up the day at the office.
Thus I’ll begin a series of fashion photography highlighting some incredible pieces of couture from my personal perspective.